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What a fantastic week
surfing at Pua'ena Point on
Only downlet: Coral Reef
Infection and spider bite!

Pua'ena Point!


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25th - 30th January 2015
On Oahu's North Shore near the small town of Hale'iwa there is our surf spot: Pua'ena Point!
Just across the Haleiwa a harbour from Haleiwa. Inside the point as the name suggests. Long walling right handers wrap around the point and provide friendly long rides. Puaena Point in Oahu is an exposed reef break that only works when conditions are just right. Summer in particular tends to be flat. Works best in offshore winds from the southeast. Groundswells more frequent than windswells and the best swell direction is from the northwest. A reef breaks right. Often Crowded. Beware of urchins, rocks and pollution. It can be a good spot for beginners when the waves aren't too high. Surfing lessons take place here. But when the surf is way up, it's for experts only. Most surfers enter the ocean from a small sandy beach before reaching Pua'ena Point.

Name: Pua'ena Point!
Type: Reef
Reliability: f
lat in summer
Best Swell: NW

Instructors: Elison and Sash