Spot:  Algarve Portugal: Zavial & Barancco Beach



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I only did a day surf camp
and was lucky to be able
to experience two
differemt beaches.

Barancoo Beach


Zavial Beach


Surf Spot Details

Barranco da Belharucas: in The Algarveis a sandbar break. Summer in particular tends to be flat. Works best in offshore winds from the north northeast. Most of the surf here comes from groundswells and the best swell direction is from the south. An uncrowded break, even when it is working. Beware of - Rocks.

Zavial: Itís a fast, hollow and powerful right wedging up off the cliffs at the far end of the beach. It can be a mission getting a wave off the locals. Needs a moderate SW or big W-NW swell to break and mid tide to avoid closing out.
Type: Point-break
Direction: Right and left
Bottom: Sandy with rock
Normal length: Normal (50 to 150m)

Name: Zavial & Barranco Beach
Type: Sandbar Break / Beach Break
Reliability: f
lat in summer
Best Swell: S/W S/E

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